Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to my DS, N! He's 19 today. Not the greatest picture of him, but I'm on my laptop and it's one I had saved on here.

I asked where he wanted to go for dinner tonight. He said he wanted bacon, biscuits and gravy - from Mom's kitchen. So, that's what we had. Instead of a cake, he wanted cheesecake from BJ's. They have a sampler variety that he enjoys, so I bought him one of those last weekend. I think there's about 3 pieces of it left, and I've had one piece, DH hasn't had any. LOL

I did stitch on Shores Monday. I managed to get another sail completed and also the dolphin. No picture as yet. My camera battery needs charged finally and I haven't hunted down the charger for it. I think I packed it when we went on vacation, so it's probably in one of 2 bags in the closet.

Work is busy. Home is too! DH's schedule has exploded. I'm hoping to get a chance to go on one of his trips with him. Not sure where yet, I want to see where all he has to go first. But, if the Pacific NW is an option - I'm SO THERE. He's hinted as such - but nothing firm yet.



Susan said...

A trip to the Pacific NW sounds lovely. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Happy birthday to your DS!

I worked on Shores on Monday night, but I'm in the same predicament as you - my camera battery went flat, too, and I haven't seen the charger since I moved into this place. Thankfully, I've got some older pictures to add to my blog, but new ones will have to wait.

Sara said...

Happy Birthday to your DS!

Hope you're able to go on one of the trips with your DH, the Pacific NW sounds great! You'll have to take lots of pics.