Sunday, July 27, 2008

It's been a busy weekend for us! DH made it home after midnight Friday night. He was tired and glad to be home. We were happy to have him home too! We managed to sleep in a bit Saturday morning, since we were up late Friday waiting for him to come home to us.

Saturday I went to a Pampered Chef party. Oh my.....I LOVE their products. It's been a good while since I've been to an actual party and they have come out with some new items I hadn't seen. So, I booked a party for October. I'm looking forward to receiving what I did order yesterday. I'll definitely show you when I receive them. While I was at the party, DH and DS went to see the X-Files movie.

Last night, I went to a stitch-in in Virginia Beach. There were about 20 or so ladies there. The cross stitch store opens up and we receive bags when we walk in, we shop all we want, eat dinner, stitch and gab, snack, etc from 6:30 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. They have a Thursday night group that meets each week, so most of the ladies know each other really well. But they welcomed my co-worker (G) and I with open arms. They hold these stitch-in's quarterly and this was our second one in attending.

After church today, we settled in the living room to watch the race. I've been stitching all afternoon, and DH has been napping. So has the dog......

although I'm sure that couldn't have been comfortable. LOL It's been a nice, relaxing afternoon and evening.

We will be watching Greensburg tonight - anyone else watching the show? It's about Greensburg, Kansas, which was destroyed by an EF5 tornado in May 2007. The city has made the decision to build back "green" and the show follows the city government and community members in rebuilding. Leonardo DiCaprio is producing and it's shown on the Discovery channel.

I'm off to put a roof on one of my houses in my "Little House Neighborhood". Hopefully I'll have a picture of my updated progress soon.



Anita said...

Hi Susanne! Your blog came up on a "google alert" I have set for Greensburg, Kansas. I live in Greensburg, so I like to hear what people are saying about us - I'm glad you're watching the show!
I just wanted to say that I love that picture of your dog... lol That's contentment! :)

Susan said...

It definitely sounds like you had a busy weekend!

I won’t be working on my Shores SAL tonight – I have a RR that needs to go in the mail on Friday, and I haven’t started it, so I’ll be stitching on that all week. I hope to find time this weekend to catch up a little!

I can’t wait to see a progress picture of your Little House Neighborhood!

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous of your stitch-in. I don't have a local shop, and I would love to do something fun like that.

I'm looking forward to your progress pictures of LHN and Shores.