Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

It's hard to believe a new year is upon us! 2007 was a year of changes, new beginnings, and a few home projects finally completed. The home projects were new doors (some of you will remember the Home Depot fiasco), driveway poured and a new deck. DH also snagged a new golf cart - not for golf, but for going to the beach on. DS graduated from high school, started college and is still trying to figure out what route he wants to take in life. We've returned to church and 2008 will find us more active, as we've both agreed to serve on a committee - me on Personnel and DH will head up the audiovisual team. DH and I became Uncle and Aunt (x 2)!!! finally!!! DS gained 2 first cousins!

Yesterday, DH and I celebrated 24 years of marriage. We really didn't do a whole lot. Went to Best Buy and had an early dinner/late lunch. DS went with us! DS visited with friends for a while last night, so we did have a bit of time alone together last night! We will go out to a nice restaurant later, either this weekend or later on in the month. Both of us are trying NOT to worry about the dog, but I don't think we are fooling each other at all. LOL

We spent about 2 hours on the beach today. It's windy, and DH put the kite up. Nina loved chasing the kite, and there were several other dogs that visited with her. We had on a fleece jacket and that was plenty to keep us warm. It's wasn't too cool, and the sun was out so it warmed us all.

Tomorrow is back to reality. DH has done really good being off on vacation. He has barely touched the computer, and hasn't pulled out his work laptop at all. He's actually off tomorrow too, which is good. We have to have Nina at the vet early. I'm working from home, and DS's classes don't start back until Monday.

I have some serious laundry to get done, so I need to get started on it!


Susan said...

Happy belated anniversary. 24 years! I'm totally impressed!

Happy New Year, Suz!

Taneya said...

Wow- I did not realize you're a new year's eve anniversary couple too! Congrats to you on 24 years! :-)