Sunday, December 16, 2007

We had a wonderful time Friday evening at our Sunday School Christmas party. There were 20 of us in attendance. It's nice that we can all get together. Some of us are teaching in other areas, like my DH - in the Youth group, and other husband/wives are the same - so it's nice to get us all together.

The evening started out with dinner, we each brought a dish or two. Then we went caroling around the neighborhood and came back for a polyanna exchange. The picture above was taken as we were receiving instructions on how it works, and the "rules". LOL We play where a gift can be 'taken' 3 x then it is out of play. There were a few that reached their limits. I belive the pastor has some stories to use in his upcoming sermons from Friday evening! LOL

I wanted you to see the picture of Miss Jean's (our SS teacher) tree. Isn't it beautiful. The ornaments were just amazing, and it is just FULL of Christmas cheer.

We made it home late Friday night. I was really tired, since I had woke up in the middle of the night previously and hadn't been able to get back to sleep very well. Went to bed, and around 1:45 the phone rang (private name, private # - WHY do I answer those). It was obviously the wrong #, so I hung up, and the guy called back again.....mad that I had hung up, and proceeded to say some not so nice I gave the phone to my husband, who said a very deep "hello". The guy hung up, and not 5 mins later the phone rang AGAIN. We ignored it at that point. Around 45 minutes later, the phone rang AGAIN, this time we had a name and phone #. I said hello, as DH was downstairs watching TV at that point (who could sleep). LOL Hung up on the guy, and went downstairs. DH went to the other phone and dialed the # back that showed up on caller ID and didn't say one word, but it definitely got the point across, that hey buddy, we know who you are. The calls amazingly stopped after that. On our call, he said, "hello, hello, hello, then....look I'd appreciate it if you young kids need to stop messing with the phone". This was after he said I sounded OLD on a previous call (among other things that weren't so nice)!!!!

Yesterday I spent with my friend T, who was visiting from PA. We were going to the mall shopping, as I have one gift I need to pick up for my SIL. We couldn't get anywhere NEAR the mall as traffic was so backed up. So we hit up Dollar Tree (long lines), Ben Franklin crafts (I could stay hours in that store), Walgreens (spent some $ there) and went back to her hotel after a late lunch/early dinner.

While I was gone from the house, DH did a few loads of laundry and cleaned our living room carpet. He is such a keeper!!!

Today is SS, Church (Christmas cantata) and I am praying that DS will show up!! He said earlier in the week he would go, and last night was giving me a little grief..LOL but I think it was just in good nature. We have a much needed rainy weekend.



Vonna said...

Don't you just hate crank calls?! WE get some too, every once in a while as we live in a college town, and I guess people who don't have to be to work the next day...and have a lot of time on their hands, will just go ahead and call numbers...
Sounds like you've had a great weekend, hope the Sunday service went well :)

Susan said...

Would you mind sending your DH around to help me with my laundry? Definitely a keeper!

I'm glad you had a lovely time at your Christmas party.