Monday, November 26, 2007

I'm in mourning until February. No more Nascar races. Now, we watch Football...sadly, DH's Redskins aren't fairing all that well this year, so Sunday afternoon's may be for napping now.

We have, however, *finally* arrived. We have moved off the *waiting* list, and are now on the *renewal* list for Richmond Race tickets! WOOHOO We ordered our May race tickets back the beginning of November. Our September race tickets, we had a group of 4 and a group of 2. These were the seats I renewed. Today was the day I could call and see about trading those for better seats. I really wanted all 6 seats together. Sure 'nuff....I got em....and we are 22 rows HIGHER, so we should have a GREAT view. Our seats were no higher than row 12, so we got a good look at the track in front of us, but elsewhere it was kinda iffy. I'm so happy I could just bust a gut! LOL We may sell these tickets, as we actually like the September race better - those tickets go on sale in Jan/Feb...I'm just glad we finally made it off one list, and on to one that counted! HAHAHA

Now, if we could just get Season Tickets to the Redskins............LOL


Sara said...

Congrats to you!! That's awesome news:)