Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm behind in posting pictures. Above is our new driveway. We've since put a new deck on the front of the house.

I didn't mean to disappear after my vacation post. It's been a busy week (and the past two weekends). Last weekend went by in a blur. It didn't seem like we had a weekend really. DH spent it trying to figure out what was wrong with the TV and/or Tivo. Ended up we bought new ones of each. Then we had to call the cable company to get them to come out, as the Tivo doesn't work with digital cable boxes, we needed some type of cards that fit inside the Tivo - and of course ONLY available from your cable company. They came out Wednesday!

This week has just been busy at work and getting ready for today. The church was having a Community Fun Day, however we canceled it this morning as the wind was howling (tropical storm Noel, which they are calling more a nor-easter), more than 25 mph and anything above that the company won't let you put up the huge slide or other two air filled contraptions that entice kids to come and play. We were having a slide, a bouncy house and something else. So, for safety reasons we canceled. I have 9 loaves of pumpkin bread that I was donating for the cake walk. MIL has about 70 cupcakes for the same. I said everyone just needed to bring their food to church tomorrow and we'd all pig out after the service! HAHA I'm just going to take my bread in and pass it around to the Sunday School classes. Instead of freezing, that will get rid of it. They are saying we probably won't reschedule until Spring.

DH left this morning, stopped by a 7-11 type store, got back in the truck and it wouldn't start. He was late anyway going out to church. Was NOT a good morning for him. He and DS tried to jump the truck, that wasn't the problem. We are thinking it's either the starter (again) or Vinnie said it could be one other thing. Vinnie gets off work at 5:00 so then he will be by. We had AAA tow it home, we may have to have it towed to the shop.

My house is a wreck, laundry is piled up and I want a nap! LOLSuz


Susan said...

I hope you get your truck problems resolved - we're going through similar issues with our car - we think it's on its last legs.

Cupcakes after church sound good! Sorry that your Fun Day was cancelled. :(