Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Since I'm waiting on news of the nephew (SIL is 9 cm).... I figured I'd do a Winter Queen Update. Since I'm all caught up on my Pine Mtn pillows, it's time to work on WQ again.

Current Progress below. Yes, she's STILL headless! LOL I'm getting closer to working on that! Not looking forward to the Wisper, I've heard it's a pain to stitch with! Beading I enjoy, and once I get to that, I know I'm in the home stretch. More to come!!! Hopefully I will have baby pics soon!! Suz
April 07 progress

June 07 progress


Cheryl in VA said...

Wow, what a lovely piece. I have not worked on my cross stitching for quite awhile now. I figure I am gettin closer to being able to share time between knitting and stitching. Just need a bit more free time, and a bit less work time.
Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like your graduation weekend was a busy one too. I can definitely tell you GMU is very family oriented and seems as though it will be a really great school for Josh - who definitely needs to feel connected to something. The proximity to DC is great and they have stuff going constantly. They are also very big on welcoming in transfer students, since I remember you saying your son is going to do community college this coming year. Good for him.

Maybe one of these days we could get together and meet for some stitching/knitting.

Take Care and keep up the Beautiful work

tkdchick said...

Wow she's stunning! What a great fabric for her too!