Friday, June 22, 2007

Thanks for all the wishes to Baby Cartney! According to the new parents, he is doing well. Uncle Rusty and Aunt Suz sent an edible fruit arrangement, similar to this:

Mom and Dad said it was wonderful - they had been eating junk food/hospital food for the past few days - and when the fruit display showed up, they enjoyed it! Aren't those the coolest? What a neat gift, I mean, everyone sends flowers, right? I'm determined to be the "fun" aunt - the house where the nephews love to come, cause Aunt Suz is FUN! LOL As you may remember, DH and I have been married 23 years - and we FINALLY THIS YEAR BECAME AUNT AND UNCLE! Now, my BIL's are 40 and 38 years old. They were each married in 2005 and their wives are much younger than them. So, it's ABOUT DANG TIME! LOL I'm definitely gonna enjoy being Aunt Suz - it's taken awhile to get that name! LOL

DS has been holed up in his room like a hermit this week. He has definitely been enjoying no school, no work, no worries. I'm glad he's having some down time, honestly. He's been gaming a LOT, and watching seasons of a tv show we have the DVD's of.

The in-laws come home tomorrow. I've said I bet MIL will not even stop at the house long enough to unpack, she will be on the road to N. VA to see her new grandson. Actually, I doubt they go up until Monday, but it will surprise me if they wait longer than that! LOL

Tomorrow is DH's 42nd birthday. He has requested lasagna and cheesecake for dinner. It's gonna be a fattening weekend! LOL Suz


Vonna said...

What a gorgeous fruit arrangement! I've seen the cookies ones but never fresh fruit! How ingenious!!!
And breastmilk friendly :)

Sara said...

Thanks for the well wishes:) and I'll have to get some new pics up for you soon!

Big congrats on your new nephew! The fruit arrangement is such a cool idea, I've never seen that before. You are definitely the cool aunt!

Susan said...

What a cool fruit arrangement! I recommend fruit baskets to anyone who is looking for a gift to send a new mother in the hospital - I know I appreciated fresh fruit when I was in hospital - everyone sends flowers!

Katie said...

Oh wow, what a thoughtful arrangement. I've never seen one of those before!