Friday, June 08, 2007

June Happenings!

Today is my Dad's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dad! I sent him Omaha Steaks - but they haven't arrived as yet. By the time they do get to him, it will probably be for Father's Day also! LOL Although I did think of a good book to send him for Father's Day. The new Reagan Diaries. As a died in the wool, gun totin', lifetime NRA member republican, he would probably like that. LOL

Tomorrow would have been my Mom's Birthday (and my grandma's - Dad's mom). I know, isn't THAT a strange coincidence! LOL Although Mom and Dad were a year apart. Later on in June (23) is DH's birthday.

DS came home Wednesday with his graduation cap/gown, singing "I'm graduatin', I'm graduatin'" LOL I think it's finally sinking in. He has early days Monday and Tuesday with an exam each day - after that he is DONE. Thursday will be rehearsal and Friday evening graduation. Pictures will be posted, I'll just forewarn you now.

DH spent the day at home today - since he traveled Sunday, and worked all day Monday, traveled Monday night and put in WAY more than 40 hours this week, he took it off. Didn't even look at his e-mail either! LOL He spent the day in the 90+ degree heat and humidity painting the garage doors, the overhang and the side door to the garage. It looks really nice. I treated to mexican tonight, we had both been craving it and it was too hot to cook (that's my excuse anyway) HAHA



Cheryl in VA said...

Congrads to you as well. It is definitely an accomplishment to get them through High School. It is 2 down and 1 to go for us. Although they live with their mom, we are the ones they rely on where school is concerned.
The oldest is at VCU, and now Josh will be at GMU. Quite the trek on both accounts as we are in Virginia Beach.
Where are you located? Feel free to email me.

Take care