Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day to my DH! (DS was less than thrilled with me and the picture taking at this point - we took this before he left to go to the ceremony).

My FIL left yesterday on a cruise, so we can't catch up with him, but we did wish him a Happy Father's Day before he left. I still need to call my Dad....will do that this afternoon. Be sure and wish those in your family who are Father's, a Happy Father's Day to them!!

Not much going on here this weekend, believe it or not! DS left late Friday night, after graduation and the party here at the house. He and his friend Vinny went to Lake Gaston, about 2 hrs from here. I was worried since the drive was late at night on a road frequented with 18 wheelers, but they made it there safely. Apparently I wasn't too worried since I didn't hear him call at 1:15 am! LOL DH did though and talked with him. DS called last night and said they had spent most of the afternoon on the lake with a seadoo boat and tubing. He was having a blast with a bonfire and a band last night. They should be home this afternoon. I bet tomorrow, reality will set it with him. - he has nowhere to go and nothing to do! LOL

So, DH and I have had the weekend to ourselves, and we have been enjoying it. It's been quiet, and we even took a nice nap yesterday afternoon. I can't remember the last time I actually napped on a Saturday afternoon!! With all the hustle during this past week, it was nice to relax. We even ordered Chinese for dinner last night. The house is clean and all I've had to really focus on is laundry, so I've been reading and cross-stitching.

Not to be left out, Nina and I enjoyed some time outside in the sun yesterday.

She loves it out in the backyard. This morning we had a rabbit out there, and once she found the scent, she was off in the woods out behind our property. I did manage to get her out of there, but once her nose is on a scent, she's off and running!


Carol said...

Hi Suz, the road you mention is 58 right? I travel it everyday 22 miles each way. Most days aren't too bad but on a Friday before a holiday weekend it is tough to make my left onto 58 to head home!! I hate all the 18 wheelers!
Congratulations on your son's graduation!