Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Gosh - I thought getting graduation taken care of would slow things down some. NOPE. Since Sunday afternoon, we have:

Completed application online for college

Contacted BIL regarding DS's college fund, accessed account info

Requested and paid for SAT scores to be sent to college

Went to high school, paid and signed paperwork for transcript to be sent to college

Called college and scheduled placement testing

DS is at placement testing today!

Now to get the courses signed up for and books purchased. I'm guessing he has to meet with an advisor also - so guess we will find out more once he gets the test results.

Good thing next week is vacation - not that we are going anywhere! We do plan on going up and visiting the nephews, but nothing major. We were taking off to re-do the deck on the house - but we are rethinking that - and we may pay to have it redone and add on a few feet. So, we will probably have some folks come by and give estimates.

Back at work today - I've been off with fluid behind my ears, which has made me have dizzy spells. I've got some meds, which seem to be moving the fluid around to my sinuses now. Which, I guess that's good, at least I can get that cleared up. Still can't hear out of my right ear though. Dr. said if it didn't clear up in a week, she would refer me to an ENT. Great....

Edited to add: it just keeps getting BETTER! DS received his "Advanced" diploma status emblems today from the school board - I guess they had to verify everything before sending out. Also, he received his official "acceptance" letter to college - it's community college, but still - it's official. His placements testing went well. I talked to the Finance office and found out I just need to send them a copy of the statement from his Virginia education investment plan and they will note his account so there won't be a hold on it, until funds can be transferred from the State to the college. It all seems to be coming together!!! WHEW!