Sunday, May 27, 2007


As a stitcher, there are many necessary items needed in order to work a project. There's a pattern, floss, q-snaps or hoop if you use that, a stitching stand if it's a huge project, highlighters for marking your pattern, the supply of needles, etc. There's also a good pair of scissors. Gingher's are my all-time FAVORITE brand of scissors....and I own several pair (bought on sale at Joann's usually). I am always on the lookout for a new pair of embroidery scissors.

Why do I need more than one pair? Well, I always have at least one or two projects I'm actively working on. I have a photo box that I keep all the supplies in for it, and then I put my project on top. So, I like to keep a pair of scissors in each project. I usually have a small project to take with me in the car, so that's another pair, then there's the pair needed when I need to make a quick hem repair or some such sewing emergency. DH usually sneaks a pair to cut something with or to trim his mustache - after me repeatedly telling him not to snitch my scissors! LOL

Here is my current scissor collection. I know I have a few more pair floating around the house somewhere - probably tucked in one project or another! Do you have a scissor collection? If so, show me yours!


Vonna said...

I love your scissors...I just saw some gingher's that had the US flag on them...they were released this spring... I LOVE THOSE...can't find them though.

Susan said...

Gingher's have US flag scissors? I have to find me some of them.

I have a decent size collection; I need to take a picture of them. I love both ginghers and dovos.