Saturday, April 07, 2007

See what the Easter Bunny brought me! LOL Is he too cute or WHAT! LOL Tristan looks so small in the Easter Bunny's arms! I would have loved to have been there and seen this in person!

It's been a busy week. We've been REALLY busting our behinds at work to get ahead of the game on some of our projects. I gave bosslady an update yesterday afternoon and she was just AMAZED at how much we had done in the past week! This Tuesday we get a new toy to play with - a high speed scanner, so we can start scanning documents and then indexing them. I know, am I a geek or WHAT! LOL

DS has been in Ohio since Wednesday with his GF and her parents. DH and I have had some time to ourselves. It's been nice, even if I have been feeling a bit sick. I've had a sore throat and cough that just lingers.

We did receive some sad news this week. My Aunt Ponie (yes like a pony, just spelled differently) had a heart attack last weekend and ended up passing away last night. My Dad seems to be taking this hard. She was one of two sisters, there were 5 boys, 2 girls. Her son-in-law is a minister and working with international students, he summed it best: It gives us joy in the midst of sorrow to know that she is present with Lord through faith in Christ. She will be greatly missed until we see her again. I just keep thinking of Aunt Ponie, Grandma and my Mom up in heaven catching up on all the news!!!

We woke to snow falling this morning. It was wonderful to see such big, fat, fluffy flakes. DH and I drove to Williamsburg and up there the snow was sticking to the trees and the ground - it was just a beautiful drive. The sun has been out and it's all melted away now, but it sure was gorgeous while it lasted.

Tomorrow is Easter and we will as a family be going to church. The Lord has been working on my heart the past month or so, and I know I need to be there more. I know he is preparing my heart for a new pastor. It seems that we may be a step closer to having one. I do know that they have interviewed, talked to references, listened to a sermon and are preparing on a face to face meeting and a visit to hear a live sermon in the very near future.

Easter dinner will be at our house. MIL/FIL will be coming over, and DS will be home later tonight. We are having spiral sliced ham, deviled eggs, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn and rolls. That should make us fat and happy, huh?

Sorry I don't have any pictures of the snow. I tried to take some, but I'm out of AA batteries!