Thursday, April 12, 2007

I worked from home for awhile today. We had a conference call at 9:00, which ended at 11. By that time, I was tired - so it worked out good. LOL I managed to get in a bit of stitching on the April Pine Mountain pillow. Normally by now I would be finished with this month's pillow, and waiting on the next. My weekends have been so crazy, and not much stitching time, so I'm behind a bit on my April pillow.

I am feeling better though, just trying to get my asthma under control now. Crazy! LOL

We picked up DS's tux for the ring dance Saturday night. This is his GF's ring dance, since he's a senior. They are going to Steak and Ale for dinner beforehand, with another couple (DS is paying his and K's way, he broke down and cashed a savings bond - since I refused to pay) Hey, I paid for the tux rental, that was enough. Anyway, I hope they will have fun.

Weather has been gorgeous today, supposed to have a nor-easter this weekend - YUCK. DH is supposed to fly out Monday to FL, so he's already getting antsy - he doesn't mind traveling if he can get home in the same day, but that's not happening next week! LOL DS and I are already making our plans...LOL



Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I enjoy your blog! Thanks for visiting mine so I got to visit yours! LOL! That was confusing! I will be back!