Sunday, April 15, 2007

DS and K had an "awesome" time at ring dance (DS's words). Ring dance is when the Juniors receive their class rings, and there is apparently a "turning" ceremony. DS said they turned rings on their fingers 8 times! LOL He did his too, since he didn't go to his ring dance last year.

DH and I went yesterday again to the big/tall dudes shop in Williamsburg. Last week he bought work clothes (which I thought he was going to be taking to FL with him); but he wanted to go back and buy some knit shirts and some shorts he had seen. We found some more pants in the color he wanted that they didn't have last week and a pair that were seconds for $9.99! Casual Male had e-mailed a 30% off entire purchase coupon, so that helped a LOT. They also have a points program (like BestBuy), except free - where you get a point for each dollar spent. DH hates to shop, really, he does. But I think he feels really comfortable in this store - after all, it's HIS sizes! So he should be set for the rest of the YEAR! LOL I've removed all the tags, so all we have to do is throw in his bag.

Today we are having a good "nor-easter is blowing" dinner of roast, potatoes, green beans and rolls. DH's favorite Sunday dinner! I figured since he was leaving us for a few days, I could at least cook him a good meal! LOL Actually dinners during the week can sometimes be thrown together, but on Sunday, I do try and make a "Sunday Dinner" so to speak.

And not to be left out, I'll post a cute (to me) picture of Nina dog. She was actually mid-yawn!


Kiwi Jo said...

Hello there sweet Nina - Emma says hi!

Vonna said...

Aw sweetie Nina :)
Sounds like you all had a big weekend :) That is cool that ring dance and ceremony :)
Hope your DH has a safe trip to FL!