Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yes...It's been awhile

no excuses really - I just feels sometimes I don't have a lot to say!

DH and I spent the weekend painting doors and installing the storm doors on the front and back entry doors. It's nice to be able to leave the main doors open again - the dog really enjoys seeing outside! LOL She was moping around for a few days when she couldn't see what was going on outside - yes, she's nosy - she's a Beagle after all!!

Work has been busy. We are at a lull in credentialing, so the projects that were put off for awhile, we are working on those. We have new software, with several different modules. For instance, each physician has a list of procedures that has been approved of what he can do while in the hospital. This list is called his "delineation of privileges". Each specialty has their own privilege form, at least 2 pages, some (like surgery and their specialties) can be 7 or 8 pages long. We have been building each of these forms into our software, so that the privileges forms can be "online". We had a question last week for instance, as to what physicians and their assistants can perform central lines. Well, without going thru each paper copy for each person, we haven't a CLUE - BUT....with privileges online, we can run a report and look it up in about 90 seconds!!

Each physician also has their own file, where we verify initially - before they step foot in the hospital - their education, training, malpractice issues if any, etc. We also reverify every 2 years any malpractice issues, cases and procedures, competency, any quality issues, etc. Some files are an inch thick, others are oh...10-12 inches and get thicker every year! LOL Instead of "paper" copies - we are moving towards a paperless environment and a document management program where everything is stored electronically.

These are two areas of exciting growth and opportunity for my profession. Our goal, in a year or two, is to be able to work at remote locations (i.e. home). Change can be a GOOD thing! It's just having to think outside the box, and how we have always performed our tasks, and rethinking how to perform them in a different environment. Not everyone embraces change - however, I am one that does and am working on both of these teams to help facilitate moving forward.
OK, enough about work! Baby Tristan is coming to visit this weekend, and I can't wait to get my auntie hands on him! LOL



Shalini said...

Oooh! Document Management Systems is my speciality! Has your company decided on which one they're going to use? I have worked with Documentum for a number of years and now I'm training in FileNet. Both are front runners in this industry. I look forward to hearing more about your project!
Thanks for comments on my blog. I love going to the Fair Oaks mall. We usually end up at the Dulles Mall because it's closer to us :)