Friday, November 03, 2006

OK, I have a confession, I've been blogging over at Xanga instead of here. I'd been doing both for awhile, it's just easier for me to get into the Xanga site and update. I've copied over the posts from this week, so here they are!!! Will try and do better!!

What a week!
Tuesday - I called in sick. I rarely if ever do that, but I sure did Tuesday. Will use up 8 hours of my 450+ hours of sick time on the books. We had the truck fixed Tuesday also. Cost of $186.00. Notice the cheap fix (toilet) still isn't marked off the list! Have a few trick or treaters come by the house.....bought way too much candy.

Wednesday, back to work. Ears still feel full of fluid and one hurts. So off to the doc I go. Diagnosed with Serous Otitis Media. Left with a little brown bag of prescription drugs (allegra D and some nasal spray), and a prescription for Ibuprofen "because every house needs a bottle of prescription strength ibuprofen around" according to my nurse practitioner. Now if only she'd say that about Vicoden Start taking the drugs as soon as I hit my office and get a bottle of water. Wednesday night, all 3 of us are in bed, asleep by 8:30 pm...oh, make that 4 of us, and include the dog!

Thursday, well, my ears still feel horrible. We eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria, and all I can hear are echos inside my head. Stop off at the store and buy DayQuil, NyQuil, Vicks inhaler. Pop 2 NyQuil and hit the sack.

Today, I wake up feeling better than any day this week, although groggy from the NyQuil. I can at least HEAR out of my ears and it doesn't feel like I'm inside a bucket of water. Take 2 DayQuil and go to work. Tonight will be more NyQuil.

This weekend we have to finish up the bulkhead (retaining wall) for the ditch. DH has one side installed, now comes the BIG one! DS has his Homecoming dance...will have to go to his GF's house for pictures. They are going to Outback for dinner beforehand!

Sunday, DH is going to the Redskins/Cowboys game. He will leave early Sunday and drive up. His 2 brothers live in N. Va, and he will drive up, go to the game, and drive back. A long day, but worth it. He's been to a Redskin's game, but never the Skins/Cowboys. Me, I'll TIVO the game and watch the race (and stitch).

Sunday morning though, we have a Capt Smiley coming to church. He was wounded in Iraq, and has an inspirational story to tell. I'm excited to hear him and can't wait to meet him.
I have a chicken in the oven, so I need to go see if it's "popped" yet (meaning it's done)!


We have hot water
it's so nice to have hot water again. All for the cost of $210.00. The 3 of us have already taken a nice HOT shower
Truck is in the shop. I drove it to work today - 5 mile drive - so DH wouldn't have to drive it (he does a 50 + mile round trip daily). Wouldn't you know on the way home, the "check engine" light went off. Better to be safe than sorry, so we are getting it checked out.
Toilet is still wonky, but I can live with it for awhile. We just have to jiggle the handle once or twice and the tank starts filling up.
My ear still feels like it has fluid in it! I found some leftover amoxicillin, so started taking that, plus some ear drops. Hope this helps clear it up...otherwise I'll be going off to the dr for a nice little visit.
WI was today and I was down another 2.4, for a total of 5.8 in 2 weeks (Weight Watchers).

I'm gonna be an Aunt!
Just found out my BIL and SIL are pregnant!
Both BIL's were married last in September 05, one in October 05. The September couple found out in August 06 they were expecting; this is the October couple - just celebrated their first anniversary last weekend!
DS is 17 and has been the only grandson. We of course are looking at the empty nest soon, and BIL's will just be starting out! They aren't that much younger than DH who is 41. They are 39 and 37, but both married younger gals and I guess there is no time like the present to start a family! After all, both BIL's aren't getting any younger! LOL
I'm just SUPER excited though! It's been a loooooong time coming, since I don't have any brothers or sisters...I wasn't sure I'd EVER become an Aunt!

When it Rains....
it Pours....
Does it ever happen to you? When one thing breaks...a succession of things breaking or not working follows? Our downstairs toilet won't cut off, we have to jiggle the handle after flushing. It's kinda difficult to remember to do that, maybe I should stick a post it on the wall! DH can't figure out what the reason is, and I guess we need to replace the stopper inside the tank. Today, we wake up and I jump in the hot water, nada, NONE! Jump OUT of the shower and yell, why don't we have any hot water? Off DH's goes, down in the garage, pokes and prods around, can't figure out what the deal is. I call the company (just happens to be a sticker on the water heater that says 24 hour emergency service), well, they are closed until Monday. Tonight, DH tells me his check engine light came on his truck today. I'm over it.
Wonder which will be the cheapest fix?


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Yah for hot water!! Get better soon! I'll have to pop by here more're bookmarked! Dawn