Saturday, September 02, 2006

Blogging for Idiots 101

Is there such a resource? If so, I need it desperately. I can't get a new template to work, heck, I JUST REALIZED that in order for comments to show up, I need to go in and "moderate comments"! There were 23 comments stored in there that I didn't know I had..........and here I thought no one read my blog!

Just call me The Idiot Blogger ........... maybe I should rename my blog that...........if I could figure out how. LOL (jk)

Today we are cleaning up from yesterday's storm. I feel bad, the neighbors had 8 inches of water in their garage - we were high and dry - although we did get some water coming in thru a skylight and thru another light fixture, and another strange place we haven't a clue how. DH has made a run to the dump with trash that was left in the yard. Now to get the yard dried out. We had a huge pot hole in the driveway, and now that the sand has washed back over the drive, the pothole is filled in, or we have sand to fill it up! Of course, since our drive is sand and gravel, the more we get free, the less we have to buy! LOL



Darla said...

*giggle* Sorry, Suz, but I'm so HMTLly (huh?) inept that I have to use Blog-City. I'm just not sufficiently geeky to figure out Blogger/Blogspot.

SunnySusan said...

I was wondering why my comments never showed up