Monday, September 25, 2006

Back to work today. But I left at 1:00. DS threw up in the school parking lot (EWWWW) and called me when he got home. I told him he made the right decison by coming home, luckily he could drive! I know he was embarassed, being a SENIOR and all! His friend V was with him too, I bet V doesn't let him live that down any time soon!

So, a couple of throw ups and stomach attacks later, DS has the chills and a fever. At that point I decide I should come home. He has hooked up the small heater, goodness knows I don't need a fire started! I stop off and get some ginger ale and chicken noodle soup and come home. I laid down with DS and he was just shaking the bed.

He just ate some soup, so we will see if that sets well.

Not much else for today. Gina and her family are weighing on my heart and mind. I just keep praying for them. Apparently they donated organs and tissue from her son, so that others may benefit.

The gals at Living Sacrifice are getting together to something. Right now, we are thinking of a tree that Gina can plant in memory of her DS.



SunnySusan said...

Sorry that your son is feeling bad

I think the tree is a wonderful idea

Marcy said...

I hope your son is feeling better & was able to keep the soup down.

My heart breaks for Gina & her family. I pray that God will comfort them & give them strength. I love the idea of a tree too.


CereneOne said...

Found ya! Love the layout here.