Saturday, August 12, 2006

It is beautiful here in Virginia today. I actually had the windows open and the a/c off early in the a.m. A great breeze was blowing in off the bay. It even seemed a small *hint* of autumn was in the air. We've had a nice breeze all day, and the clouds are just gorgeous.

DH and I did a bit of shopping in Best Buy - he had a GC from Christmas that hadn't been used. We bought a new set of phones (3 pk) and some DVD's and still didn't even spend half of the GC. He bought a 100GB external hard drive for work and was able to put that on his corp. card, so we spent $0 dollars out of our pocket basically and came out with a bag full of goodies. After that we went to Texas RoadHouse and had a late lunch/early dinner. I had a piece of grilled chicken and vegetables that were wonderful. Very flavorful and filling. We both left chicken on the plate, which was a GOOD feeling.

We've both been busy on the house today too. I've managed to get the computer room, kitchen, great room and our bedroom straightened, dusted and DH vacuumed. My back just won't go for that. The bedroom and upstairs still needs vacuumed and I need to tackle the 2 bathrooms - ICK. DH even hung a piece that we bought on the Outer Banks for me without too much lip! LOL

We both like the fact that DS is enjoying his job so much. But we do miss having him around the house. I guess this is preparing us for the future. It was DH and I for 5 + years, then it was DS and us for 17 years, and now I guess it will come around to DH and I again. Good thing we enjoy each other's company and we are best friends, huh?

I think I'll go tackle a bathroom, that will leave tomorrow afternoon for some stitching!! Do I continue with my mermaids or start V0HRH?