Friday, July 28, 2006

We are off tomorrow for a week on the Outer Banks of NC. Yes, we live near the bay, but the ocean is just SO MUCH better! LOL

My fabric for VoHRH hasn't shown up yet, so guess I won't be taking it with me on vacation! Maybe that's a GOOD thing! I'm taking MotDB, may be able to get it finished (minus one kreinik color as I only ordered one tube instead of two - another one coming in my above order) that would be great. I plan on having me some SERIOUS stitching time!

DS received another paycheck for $474! He is working his behind off, literally!! One advantage is he is getting a nice suntan for the girls to enjoy at the beach! LOL We received his proofs from graduation pictures! niiiice The pictures sure are expensive! Here's one of my favorites.

We have lots to do today. Mow the yard, bookstore, credit union, groceries, pack, so guess I'd better get to it!



Kiwi Jo said...

Have a great vacation!