Saturday, June 24, 2006

Remember from last year, our Snake in the Birdhouse? See July 05 archives. Well, we had another one slithering up the birdhouse pole today...Luckily, Jane and her DH saw it when they pulled into the driveway. DH went out and knocked it down. Unfortunately it slithered away before he could kill it. I know, a black snake is OK, but to me, the only GOOD snake is a DEAD one.

I am working on Mermaids of the Deep Blue this weekend. I did hear Alhambra Garden calling out to me today, though. So, I may have to pull it out and put in a few stitches, so it will feel loved.

My tomatoes and pepper plants are looking really good. One pepper plant has 3 peppers on it, and lots of babies and flowers. Not sure how big these will get, as they are called Fooled You. Supposed to be jalapeno without the bite....whatever that means! LOL