Thursday, June 01, 2006

Now that I don't have to be at work until 7:30 am, I have all this extra time in the morning! LOL

Update on the week - made it thru yesterday, OP with WW. Scale is moving in the right direction !!!!! MIL and I hit up Curves too - 2 days in a row!!!!! WOO

I was actually almost singing when I clocked out at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. It's been AGES since I left work at that time!! LOVE IT!

Finished moving the files yesterday, and today S's computer shows up. Now if our new desks would arrive, we would have a pretty good looking office!! There are literally STACKS of papers that we have piled in for Shred-It. We even called them for an extra pick-up, but with the holiday, they can't get to us until Friday (boo)!

Looks like we've been invited to DC for Father's Day weekend to the BIL's. Need to decide about going and when. DS has surgery the Monday after, so we would need to come home early on Sunday, which would be OK.

DH and I went to HD last night and bought a new dishwasher. He's going to install this weekend. I think his first clue was the mound of dishes in the sink! LOL I HATE handwashing dishes! LOL