Sunday, April 30, 2006

Still early in the morning here at our house! Well, 8:30. I need to get DH up for Sunday School, since he has to go teach. My sinuses have my head I am staying home. With working yesterday, today is my day to get things done around the house.

DH and I did a bit of shopping last night. I bought some bins to get our winter clothes packed away, so we can get our summer clothes out. Although this weekend it's in the 60's and the wind is BLOWING, it's a bit *cool*...but that's OK....the wool can go, cause summer's comin! LOL

The yard is looking awesome! DH and DS worked on transplanting 3 babies from the pampas grass yesterday. Plus the ditches have been cleaned up....the reeds are already growing back. When we walk by the ditch, it looks like the ground is moving with all the fiddler crabs!! Nina dog goes berzerk! I keep telling her she will not be a happy girl when one of them pinches her nose! LOL

My goals for today are:
clean up the kitchen - DONE
get laundry caught up
clean bathrooms
pack up some clothes - STARTED
watch Nascar and STITCH
Spare ribs for dinner - STARTED in slow cooker

Guess that means I'd better get off here and get busy, huh! LOL