Saturday, January 07, 2006

I have my e-tools working again at WW Online, so at least I don't have to use my blog as a daily food journal!! I've done good this week, and am hoping to see a loss on the scale. DH is back on his journey, and is doing EXTREMELY well.....(we hopped on the scales yesterday to see how it was going) ;)

The weekend is looking good! DH/DS have flag football games (a doubleheader) Saturday afternoon. We need to hit up Target and Costco - my new contacts should be in. DH still has a very nice GC at Best Buy from Christmas to use, but he can't decide what he wants to use it on - I'm secretly hoping for a new computer. So we need to get up and out Saturday morning, although there's always Sunday afternoon too.

I've brought work home, and will probably do that while they are at the football game....then, it's home for THE REDSKINS IN THE PLAYOFFS!! Wait, let me say that one more time.......THE REDSKINS ARE IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!!! I'm usually not a bug football fan (Where IS my NASCAR).....but it's good to see the 'Skins in post-season play after a long drought!

DS had to make a court appearance yesterday to get his permanent drivers license. DH went with him. According to DH, the judge was great, but really spoke to the kids. He told them that until they reached 18, the parents controlled the license, and if "for any reason" we wanted to have it revoked, we can call the DMV and just say the word. Driving is a privilege, not a right, so don't pi$$ off your parents!! LMAO

We did go out to Ruby Tuesday's last night for dinner, and DS, even though not feeling well (he's had a cold and nausea this week), was talkative and we had a great family time together.

Stitching wise, I haven't done any during the week, but I've got 3 more hours to meet my 5 hour stitching goal, which I should get to during the 'Skins game and Sunday evening!!



SunnySusan said...

Keep going Suz, you can do this.