Sunday, November 27, 2005

!!!Recouperating from Turkey Day!!!

We had MIL/FIL/SIL/BIL over for dinner. It was wonderful!! MIL brought part of dinner. I fixed a ham and turkey - most ate the ham! I fixed mashed potatoes early in the day, and put them in the crock pot to keep warm....they were the BEST!

Friday was work until 12. Not sure why I went in, other than to make sure the docs didn't need anything (they didn't)...all was quiet, and I left.

DH and I then went shopping. Hit up the bookstore, he wanted some books to take on his trip. Then we went to B&T Casual Male....spent a boatload of $ on DH some new (smaller size) clothes!!!!! He was so excited, although tired from trying on things I was throwing at him! LOL After that, he was exhausted, so we came on home.

Saturday, I went to Joanns - thought I would get a good sale. Went for a skein of DMC 779, and they don't CARRY it anymore! The # isn't even on the bin! So picked up 5 colors for $1 and a new pair of Gingher scissors (50% off) and then on to Target!

Target was AWESOME! I found a Michael Buble CD/DVD I didn't have! WOO and loaded up on the 20Q game that BIL/SIL were playing on Thanksgiving and we got SO ADDICTED to it. Target had them on sale for $6.97 so I bought 4. We always have a gift exchange with our SS class over dinner, and it's a $5 or so gift, so this will create a lot of fun, I'm sure.

Stitching wise, I'm in a lull. I AM GOING to go stitch just as soon as I get off here though. There's not a lot left on Emerald Mermaid and I want to get her DONE so SIL can get her for Christmas, and I can move ON.

DH went to FL today to attend Autodesk University! He has wanted to go for a couple of years, but to be an instructor, which he hasn't been chosen for. But his company decided to send him this year and he was happy! Although his flights s u c k! They have him going up the east coast, before flying DOWN again!

Work is going well. I'm learning more each day. Still behind, and sometimes feel like I'm flying by the seat of my pants. However, we had a State Inspector show up for an unexpected survey (due to 2 complaints received by patients/families) and I had to pull files to go in with her. It went great!