Saturday, September 24, 2005

Here is a pic of DH and I at the wedding. I thought it came out pretty good. It's been ages since we have had a nice picture of both of us, all dressed up!

Let's's an update on life:

Work - going well, just crazy busy! I had to learn a hard lesson this week, but at least I learned it early on, and I am aware now of how and why it happened, so hopefully can prevent it from occurring again!

Home - DH has been great lately. He's been able to "work from home" and is enjoying it (who wouldn't)! But, he's been picking up the house and doing dishes, etc. so it's been nice. He has a class to teach next week, so he will actually have to go in all 5 days (HORRORS)! LOL

DH even sent me flowers this week for my birthday. He did good! 2 doz carnations, which are my favorites. Coworkers took me out to lunch, and I rec'd all kinds of bath and body works, and yankee candle goodies!!

DS brought home info on ordering his class ring! ~sniff~ Just WHEN did he grow up? LOL His class didn't get to go order on the day they were supposed to, but I have a phone # to call and order it. Someone yesterday said I should probably go ahead and start plugging $25 a paycheck just into a holding cell for senior pictures, invitations, all the stuff that comes at once next year....NOT a bad idea! DS actually has an account that I can do that with at the credit union where we are!

Stitching - Stitching has taken a back seat to work lately, unfortunately. But with my new job, I've GOT to get a handle around it fast. Last weekend I worked on M designs "Pray", while watching some of the Nascar race. This weekend, Emerald Mermaid is being pulled out and hopefully closer to being finished. There's not a lot left on her. My future SIL wants her, I'm aiming for Christmas, since the bridal shower is this weekend, and...well.....THAT'S just not happening! LOL

I guess that's about it. Nothing WOW and fantastic....just life in general, here on the Chesapeake Bay!


Froggie said...

Awwww! Sweet pic!