Sunday, July 03, 2005

July 4th weekend!

~sigh~ It's so nice to have a long weekend to enjoy friends and family! We have had a lazy weekend, and it's not over with yet!

Yesterday MIL and I went shopping for the "wedding extravaganza". We bought shower gifts (I ended up buying mine online and shipping it directly, since they didn't have the punch bowl in stock)...but Bed Bath and Beyond will gift wrap/box your purchases while you wait! I was very impressed! It was my first time in the store, and I will go back!

Next we hit up the mall, as we need dresses for this event! Hecht's was a bust, then we strolled into Dillard's and hit the mother lode! MIL got a very nice dress, floor length in just about this shade of blue. Next, I tried one on, and it fit perfectly.....a size 14 thank you (beats a 16 or higher any day)!! It has beading, and the dress is a dark navy, and the beading really sets it off nicely!

After church today, we walked to the beach and had a great time playing in the water! There were no jellyfish yet, so that made it especially nice! DS even came out of the water and offered his hand to me to walk me out....I guess he thought his momma needed help! LOL

Tomorrow DH needs to work on the garage doors, so we will be off to Sears to get a replacement part. Then hopefully I won't need a garage door opener to open the door, I can just hit the button in the car, and it will open! I love the gadgets in my car, and am still finding them!! LOL