Saturday, July 09, 2005

It's been a busy, BUSY week at work. I even had one doc come into my office in tears, as he was leaving (his entire group is, under not so good circumstances with Administration). He was such a sweetie. I really feel for him and a couple of others in the group that we have come to know on a personal basis. Some of the others, I really don't care that they are leaving.....but these few I am really going to miss. ~sniff~

Since that group has left, we have been in the process of getting replacements in. Hasn't been easy, since these "replacements", otherwise called Locum Tenens physicians, have worked many different places over their career. We have to verify that they were "good guys" during their time at these places. It can be very time consuming.

It's been pretty quiet on the home front! DH has worked from home mostly this week, which has been nice. He's even fixed dinner a couple of times. Color me happy!! He does have to go out of town tomorrow, so DS and I will be on our own for awhile.....maybe I can get some stitching time in! LOL

DS's 16th birthday is next Saturday (yep, HARRY POTTER DAY)! He wanted an Apple iPod, which we did buy him one. Also, I have 2, count em TWO Harry Potter books that will be delivered on 7/16 from Amazon. One for DS, one for DH! I'll wait until one of them is finished to read. DS loves to read along and then tell us what is going on....drives DH DH wanted his OWN book to read this time! LOL

BIL I thought was coming in this weekend, but instead I think MIL got the message mixed up and it's next that will be nice if he is here for DS's birthday. I hope to have everyone over for a cookout and then cake/ice cream, which means I need to get my house straightened up for it! LOL

It's Alhambra Garden SAL this weekend, but instead of working on it, I am going to be working on Emerald Mermaid...she is......SO CLOSE...... to being done.......

Off to get some of DH's laundry done!



Literary Lady said...

Check your library. Ours are letting us put the HP books on reserve already! Maybe you can get one sooner that waiting for others to finish theirs.