Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just wondering what everyone's projects are for work currently? Is everyone else working as insanely as I am right now?

This time of year is when the doctors will be getting out of residency/fellowship (end of June), and they are ALL looking for jobs and getting privileges at hospitals so they can work. We have already this year surpassed the # of applications we processed in all of 2004 in our hospital. These docs are coming out of the freaking woodwork!!

Plus, there is a shortage of certain specialties, and our Administration is recruiting HEAVILY - and wanting to grant these docs permission to work ASAP - whether we are finished verifying their information or not. Our normal process usually takes 30 days, unless the doc has worked a lot of places, because we verify EVERYTHING....from the time the doc obtains his MD degree forward. I called Hawaii yesterday, for verification that a doc worked there in 1976!!!

We were asked to do a time study of our work flow. G and I worked it up, using our current processes, and the hours it takes (guidelines provided by our national association)....we came up with 3.25 hours of FTE's needed for the current work. Guess that justifies our OT, huh!! I know there's not a snowball's chance in **** that we will get another FT or PT FTE, which is fine....just stop asking us to justify ourselves and our work!!