Thursday, December 25, 2003


I thought this Christmas was going to be a downer, with being on vacation the week before......and DH and I did NOT do a big Christmas for the family or anything. We had all decided that the cruise was Christmas. We bought everyone like one gift, and DS got $$, not even a present under the tree. Heck I put up the tree, but it didn't get ornaments on it! I did get a wreath hung on the front door!

DS has however, proclaimed this THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!!! One BIL came down and we spent Christmas with the in-laws. DS received a couple of really cool gadget gifts....and DH and I received a wonderful present from BIL. BIL sold his company last year, and became at age 35 retired....well he handed me a card and said this is from me. Something told me to give it to DH, so I did....he opened it, and it said "Merry Christmas to my brother and SIL, two plums in this fruitcake we call a family"......and there is a website listed, with a password. DH goes to the computer, and up comes a website.............BIL has basically invested $$ in a fund for DS to go to college. I start crying and DH is just speechless! My in-laws are in on it also. DS is the only nephew of my 2 BIL's, and they spoil him ROTTEN, but this...was just unbelieveable!!

DH and I are here worrying about paying for a new air conditioner, his job, etc., etc., you know the day to day things in LIFE in general....and then this!